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Making a Difference

Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s research shows young people who attend a Club regularly tend to excel better than their peers nationally.

For instance: 

  • 68% of Club 12th graders volunteer at least once per month, while 39% of 12th graders nationally do so.

  • 91% of Club ninth graders report abstaining from alcohol, compared to 77% of ninth graders nationally.

  • 91% of Club ninth graders report abstaining from marijuana use vs. 85% of ninth graders nationally.

  • 27% of Club girls in middle school are physically active each day, compared with 23% of middle-school girls nationally. 42% of Club boys in middle school exercise daily, while 37% of middle-school boys nationally do so.

  • 73% of low-income Club members ages 12 to 17 who attend the Club regularly report receiving mostly A's and B's, compared to 69% of their peers nationally.

  • 12th-grade Club members are more than twice as likely to express an interest in a STEM career as 12th graders nationally (56% of 12th-grade Club members vs. 25% of 12th graders nationally).

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