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After a long day of school projects or homework kids often end up sitting in front of the television or hopping on the computer. For some, it may seem like a struggle to tear your child away from the technology that is so available and ready for them.  If you want to make sure your child is receiving a well-rounded childhood, and setting the pattern for future good health habits, then getting them to play sports is something you should do.

Fencing is a year-round activity. Practices are held each Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:30 p.m. at Lide White Memorial Boys &  Girls Club (812) 265-5811.  Please contact Steve Thomas at 273-3755 for more information


Fencing for ALL ages: Fencing is an activity that

all ages can participate in.  You can learn

alongside your child and get a good workout too.

Fencing, unlike many sports, cannot be learned

from a book, video, or website. It takes face-to-face

instruction and time to learn this centuries-old art.

People at all levels of physical fitness can learn to

fence, from elite athletes to complete couch potatoes. Fencing is a sport and pursuit which will challenge your body and your mind in ways no other activity can. Your fitness level will improve as your fencing improves, and many of our fencers report improved decision-making and analytical skills, too. Aside from the obvious physical and mental benefits, fencing is a safe and fun way to achieve physical fitness.

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